Stuff that can go away now

Yes, I’m feeling a bit snarky this morning. Can you tell? Please wait here while I go make coffee.

There. Now, seeing as how it’s the end of the year and all, here are some things that I wouldn’t mind seeing fade into obscurity.

Stuff That Can Go Away Now

(Listed in No Particular Order)
  1. Oprah Winfrey, apologizing and yammering on about her weight. I mean, I appreciate it, luv. But sheesh, get on with it or not. In the final analysis, it’s what you decide to do about it that matters, and it’s nobody else’s business anyhow, so please move along.
  2. Beatboxing. I know, I know; it’s supposedly a cappella in its most basic creative form. Some of my best friends direct ensembles that use beatboxers. It’s the koolest, cuz old-school accompanied jazz is just so, you know, ten years ago. Sorry…don’t want to shoot arrows at anyone’s creativity, because I’m all for people finding that outlet and making the most of it. I just hate the poom-pa-chit crap, and the messy spitting and windscreen slime that goes with it. I make no apologies. Next.
  3. Reality shows of every conceivable (and often inconceivable) premise. Yawn.
  4. The teacher union. Heh, fat chance, fellow sheep.
  5. The seven pounds I gained over the holidays. Arg.
  6. The movie, Burn After Reading, which features vapid, hollow characters (played by Coen film veterans George Clooney and Frances McDormand — Lawd that girl gets on my nerves) in an unfunny story with a stupid and insulting ending. But, of course, since it was written by the Coen brothers, people are dutifully awed by its inherent “brilliance” — much like if Picasso had white-washed a piece of canvas and called it Nothingness or some such nonsense. No picture — just a white surface. Legions of Sycophantic Kool Kids Who Patronize Hip Art would have stood at the gallery in front of the “work,” silently marveling at its raw power or disarming simplicity or stark honesty. (And where is Picasso? Hiding in the back of the room, chain-smoking and laughing his butt off.)
  7. The 40 MPH wind gusts that keep knocking out the dang power.
  8. All the housework I need to get caught up on today.
  9. The second week of holiday break. Two weeks is too long. I get antsy to start second semester (which is always the more insane half of the year).
  10. The fact that I’ve already broken one of my Christmas resolutions. Nuts.

Other than all the above, I’m in a great mood. But enough about me…

Hey RD, how’s the week in sunny Florida treating you?

My friend G just got back from a week in Vegas. I hate him. (OK, that’s about me.)

BoomR, did you get that garage cleaned out?

TRO — congrats to your son on his ACT score – wow!

Michael — how are the gigs going? Gearing up for New Year’s Eve?

Bando — let’s get together before the break gets away from us, k? Can’t wait to see you.

Kay called me yesterday from Slovenija. That was a day-maker.

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