Thoughts at 5 p.m.

So my 4:45 didn’t show up. I will write instead, while I have a short break.

As many of you know, I am not a fan of the teacher union, although I do see some good they work in certain circumstances.

Still, I’m of the opinion that teachers should be professionals OR organized labor — not both. Choose one. Because the differences are substantial, and like it or not, bad teachers are protected by the current set-up. That’s what Obama wants to root out.

I wonder what the NEA is thinking right now, since they basically held him up as the flippin’ Second Coming. Truth be told, I like what he said about cleaning up public education. Many teachers want to be treated and paid like their professional private-sector counterparts, but they also want to be protected and spoken for like unionized factory workers. I have a big problem with that, and I have years and years of union meetings (and their accompanying standoffs, explosions and rhetoric) to back me up.


I just had spaghetti for dinner. Now I have another rehearsal. Remember what I always say about my life being a friggin’ party? Yeah…..


3 thoughts on “Thoughts at 5 p.m.

  1. Greg

    “Right standards and right measurements…”–sounds like a lot of additional paperwork for someone. I was not a big union fan either–and I was a building rep for a few years and got out of that situation! I also remember years when I was making LESS than the previous year when salary increases didn’t match the increase in union dues. As far as merit pay is concerned, I don’t know what kind of “yardstick” could be used to measure each teacher but I’m pretty certain that an administrator who dislikes a teacher, for whatever reason, would find a way to stop merit pay rises. I recall a situation where the union did protect an area teacher from unfair dismissal because the administration didn’t do its homework (and paperwork) properly–the union and administration devised a plan of improvement for that same teacher, both parties monitored the improvement and the teacher left the profession after 30 years, lives quietly with family and works in the private sector. Would that ALL unions worked similar!


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