Monthly Archives: February 2016

Going to school

Over the last few months, I have learned much.

Without trying to sound vague (and now I will be completely vague), I will say that you’re never too old to learn new things about things, and about people. You know:  what stuff and folks are made of. Since Christmas, I’ve seen the good and the bad, and came away having gotten an education.

The first lessons came via a bunch of smart, level-headed, dedicated colleagues on my negotiations team, who make it look like I marginally know what I’m doing. I’ve learned gobs from all of them, and also from Mick, our labor relations consultant. Such cool people.

I’ve learned who I can really trust, and who’s just in it for the gimmes; who I can safely confide in, and when to completely limit the discussion topics to weather and sports. And if that ain’t a life lesson, fiends, I don’t know what is. Choose your confidantes carefully.

I’ve learned it was OK to let go of the house I so desperately wanted because the Thriller finally got it through my cement skull that there were too many problems with the foundation and electrical system that apparently were going to be frightfully expensive to fix if they went south. I need to move on, and it’s OK that someone else will get that house eventually. I’m all right with it, seriously. There will be other houses, so it’s good. I mean it. Really.

I sense you don’t believe me.

Finally — and this is a lesson in progress — I’m learning that it’ll all get done. It doesn’t have to be shiny and presentation-ready all at once. It can wait until after you have dinner or go to the grocery, or have a meal with your grandchildren. Or after you write a long-overdue blog post. Hey, speekina…someone is celebrating her eighth birthday soon. Whaaaaa?