Monthly Archives: November 2016


I confess, I’ve struggled for it this week.

In the literally hundreds of posts, articles and comments I’ve read on social media since Tuesday, I think I’ve seen every explanation for why a person voted the way he did, and every love-infused statement of encouragement from the winning side to the losing side on how important it is to get past our differences and band together behind this president.

Well I won’t.

The best result from this election: Never, ever, ever again will we have to suffer Sanhedrinistic diatribes from arrogant, superior loudmouths about someone being morally unfit for public office.  The worst: People who claim to love me and members of my family voted for Trump, thereby voting against members of my family who are gay, members who are of Hispanic descent (like, oh, two of my grandchildren), a member who is engaged to a Hispanic woman, members who have benefited greatly from Planned Parenthood, and members who have read the science and fear for the health of our planet due to greenhouse gas, which our president-elect calls a…well, read it for yourself.

I will get past this, I suppose. I’ll have to, or the only one suffering will be me. But I don’t suffer because HRC is not president (I wanted Bernie, as many of you know). I suffer because I am overcome with disappointment and sadness that people who absolutely vilified the current president for eight years (although there was not a single scandal for all of those eight) for being a downright terrible person — not even a real US citizen — are now calling on me to support this new person.

Well I won’t.

If he approaches me personally, I will be respectful, because I respect the office. I’ve had a lot of practice at that lately. But if you voted for him, you voted against all the people I’ve listed above (including me, being a woman). Telling me otherwise will leave my opinion unchanged. There are just some things you can’t gloss over with doubletalk about how “he speaks his mind” and “he’s not a politician” and “experienced people will help him not screw it up” and “the country needed change.” I could address each of these specifically, but I am getting ready to go visit my longtime RtB pal Rae this morning. So fun! Haven’t seen her in over a year.

Anyway, I’ve refrained from saying much on social media, but this place is more private; just me and my 100 readers worldwide. ;-) Besides, my political opinions aren’t radical or anarchist. Rather, I’m a proponent of the kind of government that welcomes and takes care of all people: the kind of government that will be conspicuously and unsurprisingly absent in the White House come January. And Ben Carson as Secretary of Education? Don’t get me started…

It’s the weekend before more craziness at school (aka The Push to 20 December), and I have some fun activities planned. How about you?