Monthly Archives: August 2011

A scare, and hope

First, thank you to all my RtB fiends for their texts, emails and calls. For those who don’t know, my sister Mavis was life-flighted to Columbus yesterday with a massive pulmonary embolism and right-sided heart failure. Thanks to my awesome bosses and colleagues at school, I took off just after noon yesterday and drove down there, and I’m spending the day there again today.

I’d take a picture of her reaction this morning when I tell her that her son is flying up from Florida on Friday, but I fear she’d jump out of the bed and pound me. Can’t take that risk. But I’m sure her expression will be priceless.

Have a good Tunesday, luvs. I’m off.


Come fly with me.

Is this for real?

Check it out. Arrive at the front gate, and you’re greeted by the Pale Horse of the Apocalypse, complete with glowing red eyes. Pass through the doors, and morbid murals and nightmarish paintings, depicting dead children and scimitar-waving, green-faced man-monsters line the interior walkways. Otherworldly images and mysterious symbolism pervade the space, skyrocketing the “ooky” factor.

Where are you? A bizarre funhouse in a rural carnival of horrors, straight out of a B-movie? An abandoned, haunted Soviet munitions factory? Hell?

No; you’re at the Denver Airport.

Honestly, I don’t know how I have gone the last 15+ years not knowing about this. Definitely weird. But hey, it’s a nice place and it’s art, so thumbs up. Still, I’m not sure it does any favors whatsoever for my, you know.


Are you happy today? I am. Go ahead, ask me why. Well, silly, because I get to see my family and close fiends tonight for dinner! Everyone’s coming over for pizza and birthday cake. The Thriller has held back a birthday present for me, preferring to give it to me tonight (instead of last Thursday, which was my actual b-day). Fun! I just hope it’s not a blue pony with red eyes…

Finkday fun III

First, let me thank all my RtB fiends for the birthday wishes, both here and on Facebook. It was a great day, even though most of it was spent at school. :-)

My students sang to me, and the Thriller took me to dinner at the Old Jaol where we met BFF Kay and Bob and had laughs and good conversation. And get this: I turned off my light (after digging into my birthday book from K & B) at 10:30 p.m., and didn’t wake up until 4:51. Success!

Now it’s off to today’s marathon. School today, DT prep after school, then taking tickets at the football game with Stoney tonight. I will be one ratty Fink when I drag back home.

I feel a week of early morning research coming on. Haven’t gotten my nerd on in awhile. Happy weekend, yall!

All is well.

Of course all is well. It’s been an hour since the terrible thunderstorm passed, and Rousseau the Chicken Dog has long returned to sleeping like a baby. I, on the other hand…

Funny how I’ve had two school nights thus far, and have failed to stay asleep past 3 a.m. on both occasions. We are going to have success tonight though, by crackie, because tomorrow is a marathon. It’s the first football game of the year, and Stoney and I are scheduled to be ticket droids at the gate. Fun! I like that job; you get to greet everyone. <insert cheesy Walmart joke here, go ahead>

The first day of school was not a train wreck. Lots and lots of rusty singing, but we’ll fix that right up, now won’t we?

Truthfully, it’s good to be back with my kids and colleagues. I’m starting my 13th year at my school, which means the students who were in kindergarten when I arrived are now seniors.


So, what’s fun to do at 3 a.m.?? I guess I’ll go make my lunch and choose an outfit. I’m tellin’ ya. One. Big. Party. At least I get a free latte at Starbucks this morning. Yay!