Come fly with me.

Is this for real?

Check it out. Arrive at the front gate, and you’re greeted by the Pale Horse of the Apocalypse, complete with glowing red eyes. Pass through the doors, and morbid murals and nightmarish paintings, depicting dead children and scimitar-waving, green-faced man-monsters line the interior walkways. Otherworldly images and mysterious symbolism pervade the space, skyrocketing the “ooky” factor.

Where are you? A bizarre funhouse in a rural carnival of horrors, straight out of a B-movie? An abandoned, haunted Soviet munitions factory? Hell?

No; you’re at the Denver Airport.

Honestly, I don’t know how I have gone the last 15+ years not knowing about this. Definitely weird. But hey, it’s a nice place and it’s art, so thumbs up. Still, I’m not sure it does any favors whatsoever for my, you know.


Are you happy today? I am. Go ahead, ask me why. Well, silly, because I get to see my family and close fiends tonight for dinner! Everyone’s coming over for pizza and birthday cake. The Thriller has held back a birthday present for me, preferring to give it to me tonight (instead of last Thursday, which was my actual b-day). Fun! I just hope it’s not a blue pony with red eyes…

6 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. Rat Fink Post author

    He got me the sugar bowl, creamer, salt & pepper shakers and a set of ramekins to go with my new dinnerware pattern. Very pretty!!

    1. PKPudlin

      OOOh! Pretty!
      Very thoughtful of him. Most guys don’t notice things like dinnerware patterns. That deserves an extra hug!

      Glad your party was fun!


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