Monthly Archives: January 2022

I’m still standin’

Hellooooo darlings

Yeah, yeah, yeah 

Are you still there? Six months without anything from me…I’m sure you thought I’d given up (or maybe you didn’t think anything at all until you got the notification that a new post was published). Regardless, if you’re reading right now – thank you!

I haven’t forgotten about this place, or you. Safe to say that a bit has happened since I last wrote to you, not the least of which has been the ongoing battle against this pandemic. When I checked in back in June, I’d just weathered the School Year from Hades, and everyone everywhere was just wiped out. I had no idea what I’d be up against in the coming fall, and lo and behold, it’s been a lot of the same.

This past week, school was shut down for three days because of the Covid resurgence. No clue what the next month is going to bring, but I hope it involves getting back to regular rehearsals for Dinner Theatre, because this week-off business isn’t getting the tap shoes on the floor. Speaking of which…

Time to get to the basement, with fingers crossed that Monday’s tap rehearsal can actually happen. I hope you’re all still standin’.