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Stuff I Want II

Me and me. And then there’s me, yay.

The original list just keeps getting longer. And no, I haven’t acquired one single thing from it yet. What do you make of this?

Fiends who posted their Git List in the comments section of that long-ago post — any of those wishes come true over the last year? I covet your updates. Kody asked for a Cavs championship…I hope that happens, really. The drought is long and long.

I will add the nook to the list. (Helen, has the price come down at all?) Oh, and Season 3 of Mad Men on DVD.

Our school tech admin turns 50 today. We’re all wearing black and playing little practical jokes and engaging in general chicanery. It’s all fun and games when it’s not you, ja?


What about 2008?

The Chinese women’s gymnastics team from the 2000 Olympic Games was stripped of their bronze medal yesterday, after the IOC confirmed that Dong Fangxiao, pictured here, was not the minimum age of 16 when she competed (she was only 14). The bronze instead went to the USA team.

Yabbut…what about 2008? I yammered on about this very issue, after I watched the Chinese “women” take the gold medal, with the USA coming in second. Click over to that post and look closely at the photo of the Chinese team. If all those girls are 16, I am Mary on a donkey.

This is not to say that the US hasn’t had its share of cheaters in the Olympics. Rather, it is to ponder why the IOC would swiftly rule on a happenstance case (the error wasn’t realized until Fangxiao recently applied to be a team official and listed her birthdate on the paperwork, and someone put two and two together and got 14), and not the more obvious violation of just two years ago? Who knows…maybe they are, and maybe they will act — it’ll just likely take another ten years.

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Things that make you go…

what the –?

So, Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser is in the news — for getting rid of his bathroom commode, and almost everything else. Living off the fat of the land, as it were, on a nondescript street in LA, Kartheiser has given away his car, dozens of expensive gifts, and every mirror in his house (a place he describes as “just a wooden box”). I am not making this up. Since he has thrown away his own toilet, he is relegated to using his neighbor’s, “for now.” [warning: profanity galore]

What the…?

But no matter. I still love MM, and am looking forward to 25 July, when Season 4 drops. Yay! I’ll be in San Bernardino that night.

The Wigwam Motel had better have AMC…


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I say that’s what we all are if:

  1. we don’t at least question the clutch-the-pearls story about the new iPhone prototype being accidentally left in a bar, then somehow ending up at Gizmodo headquarters (timeline here). Seems Apple’s been there before.
  2. we think Benny Hinn didn’t know.
  3. we didn’t see this coming before it left the house. (Great movie though — watched it last night.)
  4. we don’t realize that somewhere, someone at Goldman Sachs is yucking it up about the SEC.
  5. we deny that Keith Olbermann, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Ed Schultz are pretty much just ratings whores. Ask Donny Deutsch. Haha.

At least Jon Stewart isn’t denying he’s just the funny guy on Comedy Central who makes his living skewering talking-head blowhards (on BOTH sides) who actually take themselves seriously. Hilarious.


It was beautiful to watch — the comeback, I mean. Twenty-some points down, and they end up losing by only two. Still painful.

As fantastic as LeBron is, and as many times as he’s saved the day in the past, it wasn’t enough. But I have to admit, although I’m not a hardcore basketball fan, he is awfully fun to watch.

I thought they might actually pull off a last-second miracle, like they did in the Orlando game a year ago. Remember that? But it wasn’t to be. Carp.

I’ll never get those two hours back.