Things that make you go…

what the –?

So, Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser is in the news — for getting rid of his bathroom commode, and almost everything else. Living off the fat of the land, as it were, on a nondescript street in LA, Kartheiser has given away his car, dozens of expensive gifts, and every mirror in his house (a place he describes as “just a wooden box”). I am not making this up. Since he has thrown away his own toilet, he is relegated to using his neighbor’s, “for now.” [warning: profanity galore]

What the…?

But no matter. I still love MM, and am looking forward to 25 July, when Season 4 drops. Yay! I’ll be in San Bernardino that night.

The Wigwam Motel had better have AMC…


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8 thoughts on “Things that make you go…

  1. BoomR

    Of course I’ll have it on the DVR… maybe you might have to make a return to Dallas on the way back home to catch up :-) **SMEWCH**

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Of course, sweetness! Just to be sure though, I checked their amenities…cable is a go. I just hope it includes AMC!

  2. Stein

    You should, like, let me borrow the first season on dvd if you trust me enough… By the way, you are able to post comments on my blog now.

        1. Rat Fink Post author

          For instinks, if you look to the right, you’ll see a section called “Go Here.” It’s my list of links to other blogs of interest. I get about 125 hits a day, and many times, people will jump over to sites I’ve linked to, to read what they have to say. And blogs are all about telling your tale so people will read and join in the discussion (hopefully). It’s a good way to get visitors. What say?

          I’m sure there’s a place on Tumblr that allows you to add links. I’ve never used it, so I don’t know where it is in the software. Samuel could most likely answer that question.


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