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Odyssey 2019

Greetings, fiends — it’s been a while, hasn’t it. I’ve missed writing to you!

July, August, and September are a blur to me now. Some good things happened, and I also suffered some. It’s OK. All is well today, and I’m continuing my quest to plan and do things that stretch me as a human, and that I know would make the Thriller happy. I’m missing him bigtime right now. Blah. But he wouldn’t want me to pine or whine about it. So here we go — the big reveal.

Odyssey 2019:

Six fun places

My hope is that I’ll be able to do the Netherlands-Vienna-Salzburg leg with Suzanne. Even if she can’t get away for that, I’ll still enjoy hanging with her in Amsterdam, as she lives about 70 miles from there.

After two days in Vienna, it’s off to Salzburg, where the highlight will be the Sound of Music Movie Tour:-D And natch, I’ll need someone to video me doing the slow singing turn when I climb that mountain (kidding — the mountain is actually in Germany, and the land is privately owned, but the meadow is accessible…) and sing “I Have Confidence” walking down that lane, and “Do Re Mi” while balancing on that fountain. Roll tape.

And what would a trip to Vienna and Salzburg be without a Mozart walk? We’ll likely start there, as I know Suzi is a Mozart fan as well (she has a kitty named Mozart, and another named Brahms!). And don’t forget the sausages, the biergartens, the outdoor festivals, the castles and the Alps.

After saying goodbye to Suzanne, I’ll finish the trip with a visit to Bob and Kay’s home in Slovenia. They’ve been living there on and off regularly since who knows when, and I’ve never visited them there.

I wish it was today.

But hey, there’s Shrek work to be done, and groceries to buy, and bulbs to plant. We’ll just have to see how that auger drill bit I bought works for digging the holes. I hope you’re all doing great! Till next time…