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Random Neuron Firings

…for Labor Day Weekend.

  1. I hope I look this good when I’m 50, but the skeleton arms are a bit scary. At least she has sense enough to cover all the other parts people don’t want to see on a 50-year-old woman.
  2. Who says over 40 can’t be gorgeous when they clean up like this?
  3. I’m really worried about the people on the Gulf Coast. If you are of the praying ilk, please do so.
  4. I love it when a friend writes and says wonderful things. Send me a nice email. I will love you even more.
  5. Early this morning, I went through my dresser and found nine pairs of jeans and slacks I can’t wear anymore. They’re going up on eVil eBay today. Yippy.
  6. Speaking of…I still have yet to receive a response from eBay “Help” regarding my situation. They know they’re dead wrong.
  7. Thirteen more days until the wedding! Heidi, if you’re reading this, sorry to make you barf.
  8. This is a well-written article. I have to get that book.
  9. I got next to nothing done yesterday, but I had a nice time not doing it.
  10. I get to see Jakey today! He is Grammie’s boy.

Happy Long Weekend — send positive thoughts to New Orleans.

Truly creepy timing

“Bizarre” is about the only word to describe it. It’s the same week of the same month that Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast back in 2005. Now they’re talking about Gustav hitting New Orleans.

If you live there and survived Katrina, you have got to be feeling extremely anxious right now, because truthfully, as this CNN raw video of Gustav arriving in Jamaica shows, nothing can stop the sea. Those retaining walls are holding back that water because the water wishes it.

Here’s hoping that the damage is minimal.

This morning might be a good time to revisit some truly shocking numbers and facts. The Hurricane Katrina FAQ has a lot of information. It seems that the government has learned its lesson as well; both the mayor of New Orleans and the governor of Louisiana have been given lots of face time on television, telling folks to prepare. But, like they both stated in various news conferences I’ve seen, it’s up to the citizens to save their own hides.

I saw one clip of a couple on their way to a Saints game. The guy’s comment: “We’ll make our decision tomorrow.” I hope that gives them enough time.

Fink out (watchin’ the weather radar).



Fifteen pounds gone. Fifteen more to go. Fifteen years in, fifteen years to retirement. (Not that I’m all about retirement, mind. I will probably never completely retire; I’d drive my family stark-raving mad. Pretty sure I’d end up sleeping with the fishes.)

Sometimes I regret not having started teaching when other people my age did. Those folks are now looking at only three more years until retirement. But then I think back on what I did while my contemporaries were going to college — raising my sons and being a stay-at-home mom during the day and a working musician at night — and it was actually very rewarding. I’m glad I did it that way. So it’s all good.

Speaking of good, I had my first rehearsals with most of the choirs yesterday. My vocal jazz ensemble shows real promise, as does my high school choir (only 83 this time — a much more workable number). Sixty-seven in 7th/8th choir, and ninety in 5th/6th. Lots of music to do this year, as well as the fourteen thereafter…

Enjoy your Finkday. Weekend’s almost here.


Look who might be playing Catwoman in the next Batman movie:

No joke. I read it here. I think it’s great, actually. At 62, and even with a hundred plastic surgeries to her credit, she still looks good, and I think she’ll pull off nicely what the director envisions as Catwoman in her “twilight years.” Girlfriend can be snarky, that’s for sure. Remember how she used to insult Sonny on their variety show back in the 70s? I always loved Sonny. What a tragedy.

I liked Cher in Silkwood, Mermaids, and The Witches of Eastwick, among others. Can she do this? Meh. I think so.

Check out this photo — looks like she’s had some more work done. Cheek and jaw implants maybe (either that, or she’s gained some weight, which is not a bad thing for her, either).

I’ve read a lot of nasty comments about how she shouldn’t be playing Catwoman. People havin’ hissy fits about it. “Catwoman should be hot!”

Whatever. I say more power to her. If I have that kind of energy at 62 to keep my look together, I’ll be grateful.

I’ll go to the movie just to see how she plays the character. Ok, that, and to see Johnny play the Riddler.


Fink out.

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TBS Pipeline II

I must say this looks good. Have a peek at what’s premiering this coming Monday:

Remember Mark Paul Gosselaar from Saved By the Bell ? He is the lead in the series, playing a cynical, disillusioned public defender named Jerry, who no longer believes in the legal system. This role is a fur piece from playing hunky “Zack.” And aside from the guy going, “You are the most amazing lawyer in the world” or whatever he said, the script sounds pretty good; I’ma give it a looksee.

Have a dandy Wednesday.

Fink out.

PS – the Tribe won their 9th in a row last night, putting them in 3rd place in the division. Now all they have to do is win the next 11 while Chicago and Minnesota lose the next 11, and they might have a shot…