Random Neuron Firings

…for Labor Day Weekend.

  1. I hope I look this good when I’m 50, but the skeleton arms are a bit scary. At least she has sense enough to cover all the other parts people don’t want to see on a 50-year-old woman.
  2. Who says over 40 can’t be gorgeous when they clean up like this?
  3. I’m really worried about the people on the Gulf Coast. If you are of the praying ilk, please do so.
  4. I love it when a friend writes and says wonderful things. Send me a nice email. I will love you even more.
  5. Early this morning, I went through my dresser and found nine pairs of jeans and slacks I can’t wear anymore. They’re going up on eVil eBay today. Yippy.
  6. Speaking of…I still have yet to receive a response from eBay “Help” regarding my situation. They know they’re dead wrong.
  7. Thirteen more days until the wedding! Heidi, if you’re reading this, sorry to make you barf.
  8. This is a well-written article. I have to get that book.
  9. I got next to nothing done yesterday, but I had a nice time not doing it.
  10. I get to see Jakey today! He is Grammie’s boy.

Happy Long Weekend — send positive thoughts to New Orleans.

2 thoughts on “RNF IX

  1. TRO

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Madona is horrid looking. Scary, even. I would take you, and any normal woman over that hag any day. And I have excellent taste. :)

  2. Mavis

    I have to agree with TRO on this one, luv. Madonna? Poor example. I saw a picture of her without all the makeup…she looks more like 70 without it! If she saw you, SHE would be the one jealous!

    Love you!


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