Truly creepy timing

“Bizarre” is about the only word to describe it. It’s the same week of the same month that Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast back in 2005. Now they’re talking about Gustav hitting New Orleans.

If you live there and survived Katrina, you have got to be feeling extremely anxious right now, because truthfully, as this CNN raw video of Gustav arriving in Jamaica shows, nothing can stop the sea. Those retaining walls are holding back that water because the water wishes it.

Here’s hoping that the damage is minimal.

This morning might be a good time to revisit some truly shocking numbers and facts. The Hurricane Katrina FAQ has a lot of information. It seems that the government has learned its lesson as well; both the mayor of New Orleans and the governor of Louisiana have been given lots of face time on television, telling folks to prepare. But, like they both stated in various news conferences I’ve seen, it’s up to the citizens to save their own hides.

I saw one clip of a couple on their way to a Saints game. The guy’s comment: “We’ll make our decision tomorrow.” I hope that gives them enough time.

Fink out (watchin’ the weather radar).

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