Fifteen pounds gone. Fifteen more to go. Fifteen years in, fifteen years to retirement. (Not that I’m all about retirement, mind. I will probably never completely retire; I’d drive my family stark-raving mad. Pretty sure I’d end up sleeping with the fishes.)

Sometimes I regret not having started teaching when other people my age did. Those folks are now looking at only three more years until retirement. But then I think back on what I did while my contemporaries were going to college — raising my sons and being a stay-at-home mom during the day and a working musician at night — and it was actually very rewarding. I’m glad I did it that way. So it’s all good.

Speaking of good, I had my first rehearsals with most of the choirs yesterday. My vocal jazz ensemble shows real promise, as does my high school choir (only 83 this time — a much more workable number). Sixty-seven in 7th/8th choir, and ninety in 5th/6th. Lots of music to do this year, as well as the fourteen thereafter…

Enjoy your Finkday. Weekend’s almost here.

4 thoughts on “Fifteen

  1. meg

    15 pounds, girl!? daang! well u are lookin mighty fiiiine i say, sexy really :D hahaa
    so what is ur secret, Fink? and don’t tell me ‘food discipline’ cuz thats a load of pure fresh crap! i have weighed a solid 160 lbs since i has like 9 years old. pathetic! its ridiculous! ridiculous…pssshh :P

    and i’m glad u think BG is ‘promising’….i think i just need to find some more patience…and humility. blaaaah

    have a fabulous 3day weekend!

  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Why thankya *rat* kindly, Meggly. And I’m afraid I must destroy your hopes by telling you that it is indeed fighting “hand-to-mouth disease” that is my secret. If you don’t gulp it down, you won’t have to worry about working it off. It’s what I call the ‘no’ muscle theory, to which I’m sure you can relate, being a weight lifter yourself.

    Every time I say “no” to something I shouldn’t have — even though it’s unpleasant to do so — it makes the next time that much easier. It’s like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

    But it’s not a “diet,” or any kind of deprivation-based thing. If I want a Milky Way, I’ll have one. But I’ll have just *one* — and not three. And it won’t be every day.

    I could write a flipping BOOK on how many diets I’ve tried…but nothing works like good old-fashioned moderation. And I will openly admit: I do not exercise. The weight would have come off faster if I did, but it’s simply a choice. I am physically lazy by nature. I’d rather write a research paper — or three — than force myself to go work out. Not proud of it, but for now, that’s the status quo. But I’m happy anyway.

    Besides — with all the trips across that stupid parking lot I’ve been making to meet class after class this last week, I’ve had my share of power walking!

    I am going to have a 3-day weekend, but I’m not sure how fabulous it will be. I’m working on orchestra cuts for a certain musical of which you yourself are the star….

    PS – don’t worry about B & G. It’s slow going with all the rookies. You shall still be fabuloso!

  3. Mavis

    Finkly –

    Watching you in the clothes you tried on at the Mall last night almost brought me to tears. I am so proud of you. You have worked so hard at eating right and losing weight. You’ve made it a “life choice” instead of what diet to go on next. You’re my inspiration, luvy.

    I love you!



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