Look who might be playing Catwoman in the next Batman movie:

No joke. I read it here. I think it’s great, actually. At 62, and even with a hundred plastic surgeries to her credit, she still looks good, and I think she’ll pull off nicely what the director envisions as Catwoman in her “twilight years.” Girlfriend can be snarky, that’s for sure. Remember how she used to insult Sonny on their variety show back in the 70s? I always loved Sonny. What a tragedy.

I liked Cher in Silkwood, Mermaids, and The Witches of Eastwick, among others. Can she do this? Meh. I think so.

Check out this photo — looks like she’s had some more work done. Cheek and jaw implants maybe (either that, or she’s gained some weight, which is not a bad thing for her, either).

I’ve read a lot of nasty comments about how she shouldn’t be playing Catwoman. People havin’ hissy fits about it. “Catwoman should be hot!”

Whatever. I say more power to her. If I have that kind of energy at 62 to keep my look together, I’ll be grateful.

I’ll go to the movie just to see how she plays the character. Ok, that, and to see Johnny play the Riddler.


Fink out.

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