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True Confession II

It’s not super juicy or anything. Still, I have to confess.

Something about “Bishop” Eddie Long doesn’t hit me right. And I put “Bishop” in quotes because it just seems so incredibly out of character for the Baptist Church.

Mavis and I were raised in a strict Baptist home. Dancing, card playing, social drinking and the like were all generally frowned upon. (I came to call it the Religion of “No.”) We were always taught that “self” means nothing, and that promoting one’s position in the church or setting one human being above another was prideful; a sin. Yet, there is a section of the Baptist Church machine that features this human hierarchy – bishops and the like – and I must confess, it hits me wrong.

I was going to give Eddie the benefit of the doubt — after all, he didn’t set up the ladder that apparently leads straight to heaven — until I read excerpts from an interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

“We’re not just a church, we’re an international corporation, ” Long said. “We’re not just a bumbling bunch of preachers who can’t talk and all we’re doing is baptizing babies. I deal with the White House. I deal with Tony Blair. I deal with presidents around this world. I pastor a multimillion-dollar congregation.”

Well good boy, Eddie. I’m sure Jesus is proud.

I guess I should still be in the giving-the-benefit-of-the-doubt phase. I mean, nothing’s gone to trial yet. And maybe the four men leveling the accusations are in cahoots to extort him. I wouldn’t know why. He’s just a humble pastor.

OK, OK. Stop being a snooty wonk, I know. I confess: I’m just jealous of his Rolexes and bling and thousand-dollar suits and mansion and fast cars.

Speaking of lucrative vocations — I have to get ready for school. Yay! It’s almost the weekend.


Various & Sundry XXVIII

If you’re an etymology freak like me, raise your hand.

*cricket cricket*

Anyway. Check this out. Bet you didn’t know some of these: People Who Became Nouns


You know how they say it’s physically impossible to lick your own elbow? Mm-hm.



Here lies everything you always wanted to know about donkeys and mules.


Awesome site that suggests movies according to eight basic human emotions.


Colgate toothpaste likely wouldn’t be very popular in, say, Mexico or Peru or Venezuela or Costa Rica. In Spanish, colgate translates to “go hang yourself.”


Ask the Rat

And now I shall entertain your most earnest wonderings. Your burning questions. Your stickiest situations.

The newest Finkweb category: Ask the Rat.

Do you pine for answers? Do you need guidance? Seek ye wisdom? If so, then post. All shall be revealed. Serious or facetious, personal or professional, earnest or silly. [OK, not too personal.]

Questions/dilemmas can be about anything. (Disclaimer: no, I won’t do your research paper for you. At least not for free.)

Savvy? All right then — type.

PS – In order for this to work, I shall need articulate and compendious responses. So let’s get on it, shall we? I’ll start you off. Dear Rat Fink…

Ready, steady, go.

Crazy weekend

But a great one.

Jake was busier than any three-year-old, ever. Great party on Saturday, then the county fair, followed by craziness at our house until almost noon on Sunday. Grammie is officially worn out. If only I could have the week off now…heh. It was a fantastic time. Only bad part: my pictures of Justin at the fair didn’t come out. (Little wiggle worm won’t hold a pose.)

Behold the festivities…






All this in one day. No wonder I can’t move this morning…


Happy Monkday — let’s get going.


WTG, Drew

Have you seen Drew Carey lately? Wow, what an inspiration. I read his interview in Parade this morning. I’ve had this discussion with many people: how and when do you decide that enough is enough, and you’re endangering your health, and a change needs to happen before it’s too late? It took Carey’s inability to keep up with his son to remind him that if he didn’t change his ways, he wasn’t “going to see him graduate high school.”

Whatever it takes, right?

I just wish Lindsay Lohan would get an “a-ha” moment like that.

So today is Jake’s birthday party. Big three-year-old takes the stage at 11 a.m. Mavis and I are going out to help with the set-up. Should be a grand time!