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Breaking the habit

Every Sunday night for the last five years, almost without fail, I’ve parked it on the couch at 9:00 to watch Breaking Bad.

~~Safe to keep reading; no spoilers~~

I can’t believe it’s over. And what a final episode. Nothing at all like the ridiculous Dallas finale, or unsatisfying like The Sopranos reportedly was.

Have I mentioned that it is the singular greatest drama ever produced for television? I’m looking forward to whatever writer Vince Gilligan (also of X-Files fame) comes up with next. Mad Men also comes to an end this year, with a half-now, half-later approach, identical to the last hurrah of BB. Looking forward to that as well. AMC really hit it out of the park with these two shows; I doubt any basic cable network will ever do that again.

Sheesh. Both shows are history in the same time span. Thank goodness for Homeland, which I DVRd last night. I otherwise would have felt deprived and weird at 9 p.m. on Sundays, with nothing to amaze me.

Unless the Indians continue in the postseason…but shh. Don’t jinx it. :-)

Have I also mentioned I despise Mondays? Well, there you go. Mentioned, for the record.



Just call me Leo Getz.

I will once again start notifying my fiends when I publish a post. I thought I was doing OK OK OK, then everything exploded last week. This weekend isn’t looking too good, either. One day I will slow down and start really enjoying life. That day is coming, trust me.

So do you have anything important to tell me? I usually have RtB open in another browser window at school, so on my lunch or in between evening rehearsals, I can have a gander. Until then, tell me how to remove that URL from the audio player code in WordPress, and I will give you brownies and a big hug.

Oh, and how about them Cleveland In Dains? :-D

Fink, enjoying it while it lasts (which probably won’t be for too much longer…they still have to make it to — and through — the single Wild Card game, and then hello Detroit, goodbye Cleveland)

And the Emmy goes to…

Yep. Breaking Bad won Best Drama, as it should have. Jeff Daniels won Best Actor for The Newsroom, and Clare Danes Best Actress for Homeland. All thumbs-up.

The Browns won — they shouldn’t have, but suddenly the name Hoyer is the talk of the town. What? The Browns with a real quarterback who can throw? (Watch how fast they trade him.)

I got some major work done this weekend. Awesome. Saw all three grandsons, too. Check.

This week is going to be all kinds of crazy, but I must say I’m doing *pretty* well at the whole “leaving school at school” thing. I dunno. We’ll see what the next four days bring.

Off we go, fiends — have a good one!

That time again

It’s Sunday, fiends, and that means much more than watching the Browns lose. It’s Chef Fink and the Thriller, in the kitchen day.

The three salmon meals are already cooked, and the house smells terrific. Now on to the chicken and beef, and to prep salads and sides for the week. We eat really well when we’re prepared (I’ve found this out the hard way).

Man, I thought yesterday was Sunday. Seriously. I was all depressed on the way home from Jake’s birthday party, thinking that I had virtually no time for everything I had yet to do before Monday got here again. It wasn’t until I got up to the door that I said, “Hey, wait. It’s Saturday…”

Have you ever done that? Probably not. Anyhow, I got lots done yesterday, so today doesn’t seem like such a huge pressure cooker. Speaking of cooking…I need to go get breakfast. I think I’ll have salmon. :-D