Just call me Leo Getz.

I will once again start notifying my fiends when I publish a post. I thought I was doing OK OK OK, then everything exploded last week. This weekend isn’t looking too good, either. One day I will slow down and start really enjoying life. That day is coming, trust me.

So do you have anything important to tell me? I usually have RtB open in another browser window at school, so on my lunch or in between evening rehearsals, I can have a gander. Until then, tell me how to remove that URL from the audio player code in WordPress, and I will give you brownies and a big hug.

Oh, and how about them Cleveland In Dains? :-D

Fink, enjoying it while it lasts (which probably won’t be for too much longer…they still have to make it to — and through — the single Wild Card game, and then hello Detroit, goodbye Cleveland)

2 thoughts on “OK OK OK OK

  1. Mavis

    Yes, when I get to where I’m going, you are going to slow down and enjoy life with ME! Mavis and Bird – conquerors of all things!!! ;-)

    GO TRIBE!!!

    Sorry, can’t help you with the URL. No brownies for me, but I’ll sure take the big hug! <3


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