The Law

I am very fortunate to have a cadre of readers and posters who are smart, encouraging, funny and cool people. I love hearing from you!

For those new to RtB, welcome! Please feel free to post comments on my stuff, and respond to what others say. But also be advised of The Law before doing so.


  1. My high school students and their families read this blog. Therefore, out of respect for them, we’ll keep the language basically clean in here. That doesn’t mean you can’t be silly or present a divergent or “unpopular” viewpoint; I welcome those. Just watch the phraseology.
  2. The overriding subject matter at RtB is personal in nature. The heavy-duty discussion of politics is better left to bloggers whose sites are geared towards that specific topic. (Unless it’s me. Rules don’t apply to me.)
  3. Post something hateful, homophobic or racist, and you’re out.

If I have used a copyrighted photograph or quote of your work without A) proper citation, or B) going through the correct permission channels, please let me know. I always try to credit writers and photographers, but if I have unknowingly posted a piece of your intellectual/artistic property against your will, let me know (ratfinkleman at g mail com) and I will remove it.