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Hitting the showers

OK, not that kind (already did that). I mean bridal and baby showers — I am attending both this weekend. Happy to see some family from out of town, too. Bridal shower today, the Js come for a sleepover tonight, then baby shower tomorrow.

Good thing I have Monday off, or I’d have to DVR Mad Men

Have a great weekend, fiends! I’m off to get into trouble.


Great fun

The Black & Gold (plus Beer Guy)

Last night, my select vocal ensemble sang the national anthem for the Cleveland Cavaliers’ game (wish the Cavs had won, but…). I told my band colleague before the gig that I always do the same thing: On the drive up to Cleveland, I say to myself, “This is probably the last time I do this for awhile; such a hassle and I hate the traffic and it’s so expensive and it’s a long drive for the parents and…”

Then after we get there, sing it, and walk off, I say, “Man, I’m glad the kids were able to do this. Can’t wait for next year.”

Yeah, I’m a donkey.

What fun it was to watch them get pumped and chat with them in the holding area on the event level, and just hang out. (Teachers: you’re never too busy for that.) They sang like angels and I hope everyone had a good time. I think they did.

Now I wish the school day would be a whole lot of this:

Fifth graders have all the fun.


Let’s give this a try

Back to the school house today. Yay

Yesterday was pretty nasty — and boring. I’m not accustomed to complete inactivity. The bod and brain were both too tired to engage in anything meaningful. I should probably take another day at home, since I feel about the same, but I can feel the ceiling tiles about to give way in my classroom, you know.

Off to the races — teach all day, meetings after school, then rehearsals. But look at the bright side: it’s only Tuesday.

To the guy who took my lungs

…filled them with cement and wolverines, set them on fire, and jammed them back into my chest cavity: I shake my fist at you.

I’m fine, as long as I don’t move around too much. Stirs up the gunk, you know. It’s likely time for a visit to the medicine man, alas. Some spring break. Oh wait…what’s spring break?

Oh boo hoo already. The only real crime is having to postpone Hunger Games today because I can’t stop coughing.  And I definitely can’t visit with my grandsons like this.

*long, exasperated sigh cough COUGH HACK CHOKE*

Well, there is one bright spot

Happy Sumday! *hack*