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Maybe next year. Man, that sounds familiar, don’t it, Cleveland fans? And the 50-year drought continues.

I can hear LeBron in Mike Brown’s office tomorrow: You have GOT to get me some help out there.

I read in the Plain Dealer this morning that James, for the first time in his NBA career, refused to talk to reporters after a game. He also didn’t shake hands with a single Orlando player at the end. I didn’t see that particular scene because I couldn’t bear to watch the last 3 minutes. called it “a dream deferred.” I call it a nightmare which will continue until and unless the Cavaliers either get LBJ some support, or watch him sign with another team — which he might do anyway, regardless of the “I’m not looking to go anywhere else” catch-all, non-committal, meaningless statement.

Blah. Depressing. But hey, why get all sad-faced about the Cavs when I can talk about the Indians and their stellar season thus far?


Happy Sunday, fiends.

Fink, sore loser

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Various & Sundry XIV

Today, I confess some things; it’s good for the soul every once in awhile. Behold, my partial list. Some may shock and offend. You have been warned.

1. I think Miley Cyrus is homely. Always have. Does that make me a mean person?

2. As pervasive and “fun” as it’s become recently, especially on the high school and undergrad circuit, I freaking cannot stand beat-boxing. Even when it’s done like this:
Online Beatboxing Champion

(This, however, is still an all-time favorite.)

3. My biggest hangup is the fear of looking old. I know; I am shallow and vain. And shallow.

4. After Johnny Carson retired in 1992, I never again watched the Tonight Show. Not even once.

5. I am a singer by profession, but I never, ever sing in the shower. I rarely sing at home.

6. If this is the best singing talent Britain can find, I think they need to look harder.

7. I have never seen the movie ET in its entirety. (But I have watched Sweeney Todd eleven times.)

And that’s all I will sing about today. All right — your turn. Let’s have ’em. Confession time (please keep them to the non-felonious variety).

The power of Fink compels you.

Prolonging the agony

Not mine (although I seem to be doing that as well, but that’s another kettle of fish). Rather, I’m talking about the Eastern Conference Finals.

After blowing a 20-point lead (again), it looked like the same old same-old. I was just a little sleepy, so I gave up after the 3rd quarter, when the lead was bouncing back and forth and the Cavs appeared poised to do what they always do.

Imagine my surprise this morning…

Of course, the question on every Cavs fan’s mind is, “Can they win in Orlando tomorrow night?” My question is, not surprisingly: “By how many points will they lose this time: one, two or ten?”

Cynical? Who, me?

Remember, motor mouth (but admittedly funny guy) Charles Barkley picked the Magic to win the Finals. There are people who’d like nothing more than to prove him — and everyone else with eyes and a brain — wrong. My guess right now? Barkley’s right. Orlando is the better team. All but two of the Cavs’ losses in the regular season were on the road, so tomorrow’s game in Orlando might be painful.

I know, I know, basketball fiends. History doesn’t matter in the playoffs. Well, I beg to differ. But…we’ll see about all that tomorrow night, now won’t we.

Graduation this weekend, then singing at a memorial service on Monday night. (BFF Kay lost her dad on Memorial Day. He was a sweet guy; I loved him.)

So, TGIF, I guess. Meh.

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