Maybe next year. Man, that sounds familiar, don’t it, Cleveland fans? And the 50-year drought continues.

I can hear LeBron in Mike Brown’s office tomorrow: You have GOT to get me some help out there.

I read in the Plain Dealer this morning that James, for the first time in his NBA career, refused to talk to reporters after a game. He also didn’t shake hands with a single Orlando player at the end. I didn’t see that particular scene because I couldn’t bear to watch the last 3 minutes.

NBA.com called it “a dream deferred.” I call it a nightmare which will continue until and unless the Cavaliers either get LBJ some support, or watch him sign with another team — which he might do anyway, regardless of the “I’m not looking to go anywhere else” catch-all, non-committal, meaningless statement.

Blah. Depressing. But hey, why get all sad-faced about the Cavs when I can talk about the Indians and their stellar season thus far?


Happy Sunday, fiends.

Fink, sore loser

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8 thoughts on “*sigh*

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yep, and that really smarts, too, Kody. But honestly, can you blame him? I mean, any other player in the NBA is “allowed” to have a bad game. Not James. If he has a bad game, they lose. The numbers back it up. Somebody in the Q front office needs to step up and “witness” the signing of some major talent, or they’ll be witnessing LeBron signing a contract with somebody else.

  1. Jan

    sorry I am responding late- you should see it around Denver! There was alot of tears in beers. We actually thought we had a shot at it. Okay we will see what the Broncos do this year. How are you doing sweetie?

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Doll! I totally hear you about the Nuggets. I feel your pain bigtime, ugh.

      The Horsies play the Loozers from Lake Erie on 20 September, in Denver. Why do I have a sick feeling that it will end up like most of the other games we’ve played in Denver??

      I have been OK, luv. It’s a crazy life I lead…sheesh. You got any grandbabies on the way yet?


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