Crazy weekend

But a great one.

Jake was busier than any three-year-old, ever. Great party on Saturday, then the county fair, followed by craziness at our house until almost noon on Sunday. Grammie is officially worn out. If only I could have the week off now…heh. It was a fantastic time. Only bad part: my pictures of Justin at the fair didn’t come out. (Little wiggle worm won’t hold a pose.)

Behold the festivities…






All this in one day. No wonder I can’t move this morning…


Happy Monkday — let’s get going.


2 thoughts on “Crazy weekend

  1. Mavis

    Great pictures, Bird! Jake’s party was loads of fun, indeed. He sure did love all of his gifts. Especially the scooter Grammie and Grandpa Jack got him! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos!


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