Stuff I Want II

Me and me. And then there’s me, yay.

The original list just keeps getting longer. And no, I haven’t acquired one single thing from it yet. What do you make of this?

Fiends who posted their Git List in the comments section of that long-ago post — any of those wishes come true over the last year? I covet your updates. Kody asked for a Cavs championship…I hope that happens, really. The drought is long and long.

I will add the nook to the list. (Helen, has the price come down at all?) Oh, and Season 3 of Mad Men on DVD.

Our school tech admin turns 50 today. We’re all wearing black and playing little practical jokes and engaging in general chicanery. It’s all fun and games when it’s not you, ja?

3 thoughts on “Stuff I Want II

  1. Stein

    I have a new radio in my car that allows me to sync my ipod, but the rest are still forthcoming, I hope. I’m not so sure about the Reds jersey, as those things seem to be somewhat of a frivolous expense for those getting me gifts, and they are a bit difficult to find as well. The pet issue and Chicago issue need time.

  2. BoomR

    I got a Craftsman table saw instead of the one at Lowe’s on the original list (more features, same $$). And BluVox bought me a WAY better mic for my 50th b’day than the one that I was talking about way back when. Oh, yeah…and I got the 17″ MBP – but WORK bought it for me & it’s my new work computer!! :-) Now all I gotta do is wait out my lease term so I can do something about the truck… :D

    You will LOVE the Nook – I think they just released a firmware update or something & now it does some more stuff… like added some games (chess, maybe?)

    You’ve not even gotten ONE of the things on your list? Not even the remastered White album?? *sigh*

  3. PKPudlin

    No, goshdarnit. Not one. :p
    HOWEVER….. this might not be a bad thing….

    My first wish was for a VW Eos. But calculated mileage on my 2001 Ford Escort ZX2 is 29-34 mpg. CITY DRIVING. I can still fill up with PREMIUM and pay less than $30 and I only do it twice per month. Monthly insurance: less than $50. Maintenance stuff: not much, really. She runs like a top. Monthly payments: $0. How can I beat that? (knocking wood)

    My second and third wishes were for a hammock and a beach house. Well, I guess they’ll stay on the list.

    My fourth wish was for a financial angel for Schola. I don’t have that yet, but I made LOTS of contacts while gigging the local RenFaire this month so who knows??? Contacts lead to contacts and so on… There is still hope.

    PS I got a Sony Reader and am very happy with it. ‘Specially cuz it’s PINK. :D



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