Actually, it’s nine (kids don’t have school on Thursday; teachers have an inservice day), but really…who counts? Besides me, I mean?

I hope everyone had a fantastic Moms Day here in the US yesterday. Did you? What all did you do?

I was treated to three visits throughout the day, with some gorgeous flowers that are sweetening the air in the house, making it smell like spring really has arrived. I saw all three of my grandsons — it was a marvelous afternoon!

One month from today, we will be on the road from Mississippi to Dallas, where we’ll spend an awesome weekend with BoomR. He’s having me sit in for a couple numbers at his gig at swanky¬†Chamberlain’s Steak & Chop House¬†too, which will be more fun than I’m sure is lawful.

But first: the May Funnel. Performances this Thursday, next Monday, and the Sunday after that. Then we can think about other stuff.

It’s go time. Have a goody.

Fink, TCB

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  1. Mavis

    YAY AND YAYS, 10 more days!! I’m so excited for you and Thriller. Well, for me, too. :-) I can’t wait to see all the wonderful pictures of your adventure.

    I had a very nice Mother’s Day, too. It started with your lovely sister gift to me! I’ll be reading for a good long time. I got to talk with all three of my sons, (Tim got me three books) and my dearest friend, J, brought me a beautiful, hanging floral basket! I had a lovely dinner and the guys cleaned the kitchen for me afterwards! It was great.

    Hope you have an easy week, Bird. Love you!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      So glad you had a great Mothers Day, Mavis! Sounds like you got the royal treatment. (Hey, they should do that for you every day, right???)

      The Thriller offered to take me out to dinner (I didn’t want to brave the crowds) or make dinner for me. I chose to have us make dinner together — it was fun!

      The week has started out easy…the important part is that it ends on a good note. We shall see! XO

  2. BoomR

    Yaaaaaay on you sitting in with me. But doll, “a couple numbers??” – Yeaaaahhhh… how about like a set??!! :-)


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