That’s how many days old I am as of this morning. Yark.

Did I sit and figure this out on paper or with a calculator? Are ya mental? No way. I used Wolfram Alpha, the cool new math engine that can compute anything on almost any topic. Here’s what I got when I entered my birthdate last night:

I typed in the word “Cyprus,” and got just about all the statistical information on the island that anyone could possibly want. Now how dandy is that, I ask you. It won’t surprise you to know that I spent far too much of my precious free time on that site, after having outlined 70 pages on quantitative research methodologies.

Once again: my life is one big party.

Off to meet Kay at Starbucks. Yummy.

4 thoughts on “18,163

  1. Suzanne

    How weird is that?? Just this morning I did one of those “get to know me” surveys at Facebook and when it asked my age I wrote it in days! I didn’t use the Wolfram Alpha thingy I used the old-fashioned Google. :)


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