48 hours in

Hey, I missed a day. :-) Where was I?

Third day about to begin, and my flight reflex is waning. Always a good thing. But here’s the main issue, which will amuse those who know me: this year, I have to be more organized. Not because I want to be, mind, but because I have to be. That is to say, I have zero minutes in the morning to run and make a copy, or look up a reference or write out a translation, or even visit the ladies’ room. For the last two days, I’ve wolfed a sandwich while performing those tasks over lunch (well, except for the last one), and then it’s off to high school choir. So, at quarter to one in the afternoon, I can sit down for a few.

have to be more organized.

The last two nights have been full of “I have to get ready for tomorrow!” It’s no biggy, but there is some major restructuring of paradigms going on here. Thirteen years at your job, and you develop some habits, right? Then it all gets reversed, and you have to make some ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. I’m fine with that; I just need to learn how to make them without it taking me until 8:00 every night. Ha.

RtB fiend BoomR should have arrived in Rome this morning. What I wouldn’t give about now…

Well, I must jet. I remembered at 4:08 this morning that I forgot to do something major, and of course, I need it first period today. Oy.

Rat(race) Fink, struggling with the list

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