5 Downsides of Facebook

I’m bothered a little when articles and blog posts feature the “[number] Things About…” title, even though I’ve been guilty of doing it myself a few times (like today). I once read that it caters to the American appetite for short little bytes; people can get their information without investing in actually reading a larger body of text. It suggests that we’re shallow and impatient as a culture. Hmm. Qui savait?

Regardless, here’s my list for today. Sound familiar? I should reiterate that I do love Facebook. Without it, I don’t think I could have reconnected with great people I’d lost track of over the years — some of whom are reading this right now. Still, there are times when I wish there was a “thumbs down” icon. Or, you know, this.

5 Downsides of Facebook

  1. People who constantly complain about Facebook and resent its intrusion into their lives, yet log on and post and comment every single day.
  2. The constant barrage of misquotes. Nono and positively no.
  3. Along the same lines as #2 — sharing just plain wrong information. (Can I Google that for you?)
  4. Honestly, I don’t know how else to say this. I hate the guns-‘n-God, ‘Merica posts. I see so many of them. Like, dozens in a day. Same with the Vaguebooking and the airing of laundry that should have gone in the Maytag. My block list is fruitful and multiplying.
  5. I hate the abuse of supposed anonymity in comments, although some of them are funny. Heh.

Do you have anything to add? Truth is, I’m grateful for all my Facebook friends and acquaintances. I imagine I’ve been on their “if I see one more post about Common Core or testing from her…” list, so I know I’m capable of being annoying. Glad they put up with me (or maybe I’m on their block list and I just don’t know it). I like social media very much, but mostly for the “social” part, she said, in her extroverty extrovertiness. Chat me up! Let’s have a convo!

4 thoughts on “5 Downsides of Facebook

  1. Mavis

    I agree with all of your points. I don’t like the “meany” people. Or the sarcastic ones. Or the ones that post ONE WORD COMMENTS. Some just want you to ask them what they mean. Others won’t even respond when you do!

    Besides all of that (and trying to ignore most of it) I enjoy being able to stay in contact with folks. It’s been a blessing since two of my kids live at opposite ends of the country.

    Great blog today, Bird.

  2. David

    As one who came kicking and resisting to FB I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my short time on this form of social media. It has allowed me that very same connection to long lost friends and people I love…I know you know what I am sayin sayin! Being a long-time transplant away from my people, FB allows me to see some of the happenings of family and that is so enjoyable.
    That said there are things I do not enjoy but they are minor and manageable. I have had to stop following the news feeds from several people, all of them family. One niece posts between 15-20, rapid fire posts when she is on; the one that caused me to stop viewing them was her post on “unusual belching.”
    Like you, the Gun’s n God posts are my least favorite…so much more to America and to God than that! I do see folks that apparently have no filter as to what they will post on FB which always causes me to wonder why. I just recently experienced my first “un-friending” by some self-righteous over the recent SCOTUS ruling it was quite exhilerating. :) I do wish there was a “do not like” button.
    FB is the full extent of social media that I will be involved with, not a Twitter guy at all. I will always be grateful for the vehicle that allowed me to find and re-connect with my best friend from elementary school ; and it allowed me to find a dear friend that I had loved and lost and thought of constantly…it has been grand Ms Fink!

    I agree with Mavis, great blog…even on vacation it is still my favorite read! Peace!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      It borders on irony that Facebook doesn’t want to have the “dislike” option in order to not make folks feel bad that someone doesn’t like their post —- on a forum where all and sundry nasty comments are completely fair game. haha

      But I guess that’s why the “block” and “unfriend” options are there! I’ve had to use them, too. I also like the ability to block a certain thread. Like you, I’ve had some people post grotesque pictures, inappropriate stuff (in my opinion), and just stuff that I found ooky. I can hide those posts.

      I routinely “unfriend” students who drop choir. Since 2007, I’ve had to “unfriend” only one person, and that took place just this past April. I didn’t enjoy it, but it had to be done.

      Most importantly, I hope you’re enjoying the Great Wide Open! PHOTOS please — on FB, of course. ;-)


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