50 More Trivial Things

This is an exercise in just whatever comes to my reptilian brain, unlike another post I wrote awhile back, which was more thought-out and personal. This is free association, or something close to it. I’m doing it now, live, right before your eyes, to see if it’s fun. Mark, get set, go.

  1. I am getting a cold. Yark.
  2. The Indians just don’t want to make a habit of hanging onto a 2-run lead in the 7th.
  3. I wish people did not believe malicious rumors, but instead went to the source to get the real story.
  4. My sister and I have been orphans for 13 years.
  5. I have in front of me a letter that took me hours to write.
  6. I’d really love it if someone would make pancakes right now.
  7. The wedding is in 33 days – I really need to practice more.
  8. It is useless to be upset about that which one cannot change. (And yet…)
  9. I am looking forward to the next 25 years of my life.
  10. I haven’t seen Jake since Thursday. Must fix that.
  11. Tomorrow would have been my parents’ wedding anniversary. Well I guess it still is.
  12. I don’t know how earlier civilizations lived without things like plumbing, water treatment plants, refrigeration, and DayQuil.
  13. I wish I could identify birds by their songs.
  14. I love both the smell and the taste of coffee.
  15. There are few odors more foul than Brussels sprouts out of the microwave (thanks, Lisa).
  16. You could knit a sweater per day with the hair my dog sheds.
  17. I resent the fact that I am getting to the point where I will turn around and drive ten miles back to my house because I forgot my cell phone.
  18. I learned last night that the fabulous Sunny Wilkinson is willing to be a resource for my dissertation research. Wow! Thanks, Neil. You’re the greatest, pal.
  19. To say that I will be glad when this school year is over is an understatement. Not that I want to get away from my students (although they likely want to get away from me), I just want to get away. Period.
  20. Mavis and I are going to pick up the gifts for my seniors today. Maybe we’ll have lunch out.
  21. I dread Mondays. Especially the one that happens tomorrow.
  22. I think I woke up too early.
  23. Professionally, I need to network more. I’m working on that.
  24. Is this a spoiled-rotten dog? Yes, it is.
  25. I never look at the keyboard when I type. Looking at your hands while typing is a terrible habit, like spitting. If you don’t ever start, you won’t have to worry about stopping.
  26. One should always be sure to never say “always” and “never.”
  27. Tylenol PM gives me restless legs.
  28. Inequity, while unavoidable in many instances, makes me mad.
  29. The hardest reality for me to accept is that some people are going to say and believe what they want to say and believe, regardless of truth or circumstances. This is actually a paraphrase of #3, but I’m keeping it anyway. Bears repeating.
  30. Reserving judgment makes you a better person. I am trying to work on that one myself.
  31. There are no Pinwheel cookies in my pantry at the moment. That makes me sad.
  32. Speaking of “no cookies” — I really want to lose 10 pounds before Lance’s wedding in September.
  33. I wonder when Kay is coming home.
  34. Sometimes I get frustrated when my students want to rail against authority. I know it’s a phase that many of us have to go through, but geez…I now know what my “elders” meant when they said, “You’ll learn. Just wait.”
  35. I wish I were less angry about some things.
  36. I really, really dislike arrogant, smug people. (If I ever behave like one, please get out the Nerf bat.)
  37. My friends are the coolest. So’s my family.
  38. Should I cut my hair?
  39. All of a sudden, 50 doesn’t look so old.
  40. Please remind me to buy fancy paper and envelopes today.
  41. I’ve flown all over the planet, but I still trust an airplane about as far as I can launch one across the parking lot.
  42. Basically, it’s still a man’s world.
  43. I am really trying to put this whole contract dispute thing into perspective. Perspective is a funny thing…I’m waiting for the healing to start.
  44. I love my house.
  45. I am not looking forward to the 12th, when my next class starts. “Aesthetics and Criticism” just sounds boring, pretentious and boring. And boring, too.
  46. I can’t believe it took me 48 years to realize that I can buy shoes in the little girls’ section and save money.
  47. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my career.
  48. I might buy some new clothes today. (Yes George, I’m using the money you and the Feds sent me.)
  49. I haven’t had a piece of cake in a long time. Why oh why won’t anyone bring me one?
  50. There is much to do over the next 3 weeks. Must get on it.

And that wasn’t hard, really. It was kind of fun, because it made me think in a magnified way about everything around me. It sharpens the powers of observation and quick recall. You should try it.

Fink out.

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