What could I possibly have to say that would span 894 posts? I did a word cloud from just my last five, and it’s definitely indicative of what I talk about most:

Ha — ya think?

Fink, off to SCHOOL, sheesh

8 thoughts on “894

  1. Suzanne

    Hey I see my name! LOL Just a quick check-in before we eat pizza, drink a beer and then probably fall to sleep in front of the TV. Will post more over the weekend and more pics! Have a good Friday! *hugs*

      1. Rat Fink Post author

        It’s fun! I just wish I could do it for my whole blog and not just the posts on the main page. Alas, I don’t use “tags,” which would have allowed me to do that — but I ain’t going back into 900 posts and putting them in!

        I hope you’re all rested now and enjoying the last day of your vacation. Work always beckons, ick. Big hugs to you from across the big water!


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