A big change

Well, rats. :-(

Our sister and sister-in-law from England are not driving in from Kenosha today, because of the aftereffects of the blizzards in Indiana and Ohio. Too short a trip to be slowed down by drifted snow. So, we’re looking at July instead.

Disappointing, but at least we’ll get to make up for it, possibly with a longer visit this summer.

Therefore, I shall bake. All day long. Prepare yourselves, family. It’s comin’ at ya.


10 thoughts on “A big change

  1. Mavis

    Yeah, it was disappointing news, but hopefully their visit will be longer in July.

    Bring on the baking, sister!! Any chocolate chip cookies in the future?? :-P

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      My mom called them “Pecan Sandies,” but made them in the regular cookie shape — and didn’t put near as much powdered sugar on them. HA!


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