A happy day

OK, how’s this?

  • It’s a rather cold, but still happy morning in Ohio. I turned off my reading lamp at 10:58 last night, and when I looked at the clock again, it was 4:06. That’s a good night for me.
  • I have auditions for DT features today…looking forward to that.
  • I found out more about the quantitative issue (see yesterday’s post) from a friend in PA last night. Nice to know some stuff that will give me direction.

And finally, this will hopefully brighten your day:

And the tradition of musicians in the Fink family continues (what am I thinking???)

Happy Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “A happy day

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yep, glep. I think your next five songs should feature that same chord progression. It’ll be a challenge. Now, GO!



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