A week

Man, what a week it’s been. For me to not write for almost seven days is beyond unusual. It’s a scandal! It’s a outrage! (Name that show.)

And here it is, quarter to ten on a Saturday morning, and I’m still in jammies, drinking coffee and reading the news. Part of it, I’m certain, is a hangover from 1) eating pizza last night (a food we generally avoid), and 2) micro-bingeing on Season 2 of House of Cards on Netflix. And, after going up to bed with me at 1 a.m., Remy decided he had to use the men’s room — at 5:00. Nice. So there I was, in boots, mittens and parka, standing outside in the dark. And of course, once I’m up…

So Grammie will be ready to hit the hay with the Js tonight, that’s for sure. And the Thriller is taking me away for a fun weekend up north after that; I’ll need to be rested.

Remember when you never thought about “being rested” in preparation for a weekend away? Haha. Yeah, those were the days, my friend

Speaking of that record by Mary Hopkin: did you know it was produced by Sir Paul, shortly after the Beatles decided to open up Apple’s recording division to aspiring/struggling artists? James Taylor and Billy Preston were in that group as well. Who says you don’t learn anything by reading RtB?

Anyway. Outrageously busy day today, but I’m going to try to get out and see the As before the Js arrive this evening. The rest will be spent on Dinner Theatre, getting grades in the gradebook, and various & sundry mundanities.

But first: a GRAND shout-out to RtB family member BoomR, who got married on Valentines Day. We love you, brother!

Hope everyone had a great week. This one will be better for me, swear. Ready, steady, go.

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