Act I, Scene 2

So yesterday was fantastic, even though it was the first (insane) day of school.

Stein and I spent most of the morning getting 5th and 6th grade band/choir schedules straight (Bando, I **ALMOST** did it all by myself!! OK, it was mostly Stein because I needed a left brain in on the process, but I did the final pretty chart.) Then before I knew it, I’d seen all my other classes and wondered where the day went. Didn’t sit down until 2:00, when I finally wolfed down the lunch.

Even so, I had the grooviest, neet-o birthday. Emails, texts, in-person wishes, Facebook posts, cards, and the awsmic gifts from colleagues and friends were so nice. Topped it off with a delightful dinner with Simone and Jon, and a visit from BFFs Kay and Bob. Next week, we’re having a family get-together. It’s so rare that I get them all in one place at one time — I’m looking forward to that as well.

One of my gifts from the Thriller was this nifty car kit for my Storm that fits in the cup holder of the Mighty Ford Ranger. It’s the neatest.


And speaking of the MFR…again, I must jet. I left my music bag at school yesterday, and it contains my makeup kit. Yikes. Gotta get there early so as not to leave permanent scars on anyone’s childhood.

Fink out.

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3 thoughts on “Act I, Scene 2

  1. BoomR

    Nice job on the hands-free kit from the Thriller! Just don’t try & text while driving with the Storm in that thing! Some gal almost ran me over the other day when I was on my motorcycle – drifting into my lane because her eyes were focused on the cell phone in her right hand. Jeeze-Louise!!

    Take lots of pics at the big family to-do! I wanna see!!


  2. Rat Fink

    Sheesh — and you know, I just saw some frightening video a couple of weeks ago on the news. It was of a charter bus driver — with a camera trained on both him and the road — who crashed into cars in front of him because he was texting. The look on his face right before the crash was sickening. I’m glad you’re OK! You need to mount a huge bull horn on that bike — scare ’em to death!

    And lots of pictures will be provided, don’t you worry!

  3. Bando

    Sometime, before retirement, I have faith that you’ll be able to create the ubiquitous 5th/6th ensemble schedule ALL by yourself. I got you a left brain for your birthday…oops there goes the surprise. :-) Check your mail, btw.


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