All right, that’s enough.

Maybe it’s because work is staring me in the face, or that the morale at my place of employment could use a shot in the arm (several, actually), or that I paid four bills yesterday morning and the total came to $1400 and change — but I’m kind of perturbed today.

What do you do when a black mood strikes you? Go for a walk or run? Think of better days ahead? Look at vacation photos? Paint? Write? Usually, the latter makes me feel better, so I suppose I’m in the right place.

If I wanted to be really honest with myself and with you (which I do), I’d say what’s bugging me the most today is my infuriating propensity for procrastinating on unpleasant tasks. I’ve only just submitted the first purchase requisition for the music I will need for school in 16 days, when I should have taken care of it when the fiscal year rolled over three weeks ago. Oh well. At this writing, high school is done, and now I need to total up all the middle school stuff and fill out the online forms, which work precisely 71% of the time. (Refer to Cute Rat Girl at right.) Yeah, I’m peeved. May as well go for it and get it all said…

I’m sick to death of reading about who’s to blame in the Palestine/Israel conflict. You’re both to blame, jackasses. ALL of you. This whole issue has degraded into an embarrassing, tragic political catastrophe, and the kids of these countries are paying the highest price. You can’t have a decades-long war without two participating sides, so cut the crap with the throwing up of hands and saying, “We want peace; they started it!” It’s a mirror image (without the physical casualties, of course) of the Republican-Democrat battles here in the states. No one backs down, no one listens with his mouth shut, no one concedes graciously, and no one puts his pointy finger away. No minds are changed, and the rhetoric and acrimony ramp up exponentially with each passing day. I’m sick of hearing about it. B00M. Boot to the head.

I “met” our new high school band director on the phone yesterday, and we’ve been texting back and forth today with questions and answers. He seems really cool and nice. I sure do miss our other guy, though. I’m starting my 16th year in the district, and this will be the 7th band director I’ve worked with. I guess it’s somewhat to be expected in a small, rural school system. I’m far from what you’d consider a “country girl,” but I do love teaching in the sticks. I love the people. Love ’em.

OK fiends, middle school music isn’t getting ordered this way. Back to the other browser tabs. Hey, one awesome thing: In continuation of the Thriller’s birthday weekend, we’re all getting together tonight at Eva’s Frozen Yogurt, where we’ll all make our own sundaes and hang out for a bit. Fun!

I’m skipping lunch in preparation.

8 thoughts on “All right, that’s enough.

  1. David

    When you become a Pensioner the word “procrastination” is stricken from your vocabulary…it no longer exists.
    Silence is my remedy for Black moods…I just need the silence to discover the perspective necessary to allow things to lighten up.

    Peace my Friend!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I WANT TO GET TO THAT POINT!!! And I agree: silence is golden in many instances. Thanks for your always-cool comments, DLR!

  2. Mavis

    For me, the only way to get to a happier place, is to just vent about the *thing* that got me upset to start. Did that make sense? lol Anyway, I agree. This all needs to end. Not just overseas, but in this country, too!

    Ok. REALLY looking forward to tonight, Bird! Ice cream nirvana!!! After that, we can both go home and pass out. ;-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      We have had this discussion before: what is the cause? Once we find that, we can find the way to process it. Good advice, Mave! See ya at 6!!

  3. Suzanne

    When I feel a rage coming on I usually head to Facebook and read some of the moronic stuff people post. Then my life seems so much better! haha My morning bike rides are a good time think through stuff.

    I hope your yogurt night out helped with your black mood, I am sure it did. <3

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      It did help, Suz. :-D And I know physical exercise helps, too. I have a terrible time actually getting *on* the treadmill, or putting Remy’s leash on him (I have a small issue with procrastination), but once I’m out there and done, I feel much better.

      Regarding people’s moronic stuff on Facebook…I’m starting to see more of it, for some reason, and most of it is just downright mean-spirited poison from people who profess to be…well, that’s a rant for another day. :P

      Bike on, sister!!

  4. Suzanne

    Oh trust me, pretty much every morning I have to talk myself into getting on the bike. I’d rather sit here quietly and listen to the birds and read the stupids on Facebook. So far I’ve managed to be good and actually get on the bike. Can’t say the same when the weather starts to get bad.

    I see a lot of bashing of pretty much everything on Facebook and I have deleted a lot of people because of it! I managed w/o Facebook for many years and will do it again if need be.

    Speaking of which, plans are coming together for my trip to Mom’s. Her cable is shut off as well as the WiFi! OMG what will I do??????? I might have to read a book LOL I’ll email you later when details are together.


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