And another one gone

Another year comes to an end, and I’m thinking about the next seven, and how I’ll feel at the end. Lucky seven. Seven more Christmas concerts, seven more mainstage musicals, seven more Dinner Theatres, seven more spring concerts, seven more graduation gigs, and two more choir tours. Yep, we’re down to it. How will I handle it at the end of the “seven?” Will I say, “Yay, I’m outta here!”? Or will I say, “Hmmm…maybe a couple years more”?

Frankly, I don’t know. I’m gunning for “A.” But no time to think about that now, in the throes of a major NyQuil hangover, a half hour behind schedule for getting to school, and having not even made breakfast yet. Stupid cold anyhow. I need to get better for tomorrow’s chilly walk in downtown Akron, when we shake our collective fist at Monsanto. Those criminals have got to be stopped.

But after that, it’s on to some much-needed vacation time. Time with family, then taking off for points south and west. This has been among the toughest school years in my career; let’s hope it was the worst, and the rest will be better.

Summer brings new hope, anyway. :-)

Hey, and it’s Finkday — what the world?! Have a great weekend, my awesome fiends. Drop a line, either in the comments or in the water at the lake. Relax time!


2 thoughts on “And another one gone

  1. Mavis

    …another one bites the dust! It’s definitely been a rough year for you, Birdie. I know this summer will be full of great memories, though! Next year will hopefully be a better one!


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