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Right. So we baked our first experimental cake last night. The flavor was good, the texture was fine, and our “secret ingredient” made it really different from normal sponge cakes…but something was missing. We weren’t flipping out over it; neither were our husbands. Tasty, good appearance, workable…but not drop-dead fantastic. And it has to be drop-dead fantastic.

Then we thought: What do we want here? Do we want our own luscious creation, or do we want a Chocodile knock-off? It didn’t take us long to decide for “A.” So, it’s Cake, Part Deux.

Instead of a sponge cake (Twinkie), we’re going to try several different types of standard cake. Our goal is a moist, tasty creation that will hold both the filling on the inside and the chocolate on the outside. The Test Kitchen remains open for business. This is going to be a long process. And a fattening one. HA

Three more days of school, three more days of school, three more days of school…

7 thoughts on “…and continues

  1. Mavis

    One of the next two experiments will be the one – I can just “feel” it!! :-)

    Hang in there, Bird. Break is almost here!!!!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      (I originally read this as, “Bird Beak is almost here!” HAAAA)

      I think you’re right, Mave. I say we bake them both, and have the fam test them side-by-side on Christmas Eve. We’ll have the canoe pan by then. What say you?

      1. Mavis

        Hey Bird Beak! (that was pretty funny) I say we definitely make the fam our test dummies. I mean test subjects. :p~~~~

  2. Will

    Did you try adding any lemon or orange zest to the sponge cake? You’d be surprised what just a little will do to any light cake recipe.

  3. Tom Hanks

    Obviously the secret ingredient is broccoli.

    Good luck with the experiments, I didn’t realize before you were starting your own cake biz. Sounds cool.


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