And then there were two

Two more days of school, that is. I can get behind that, fiends.

What about you? Are there only two more days of work for you as well? Do they still work on Good Friday in the private sector? And don’t worry, business/retail/service industry pals, I don’t get a “spring break.” Well actually, it’s kind of a mini spring break (Thursday – Monday). I’ll take five days.

But the main thing is: it’s spring! I’m starting — starting — to get into the spring mindset. And there are two more days till I can not worry about the 5 a.m. alarm for a while. I like that prospect.

What are you doing for the holiday weekend? Anything fun? For the first time in a long time, I am not having an Easter dinner at my house. Feels kind of weird, but I know my kids are all busy with other family, in-laws, and weekend projects of their own. I’ll give ’em the day off from the obligatory visit to Mom’s house — although there’s always a meal to be had by showing up.   ;)

I hope it’s springy and beautiful where you are today.


One thought on “And then there were two

  1. BoomR

    In all my corporate/private sector jobs, I’ve gotten 3 “Personal Days” per year to take whenever I want. They’re designed for folks who want to take off Good Friday (or others with different faith practices & their respective holy days), Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, or just have a day w/out having to specify why. Also used for mental health days, renew your driver’s license or auto tags day, etc. etc. :-)


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