And then, this.

So remember yesterday, when I was all crabby and stuff? I had a reasonably bad attitude when I got to school, and it really didn’t improve much as the day went on. It wasn’t anything the kids did; actually, rehearsals went pretty well all day long. It was the schedule for the musical, things at school being affected by budget cuts…it was sad all around.

And then, this. A parent stops by with a huge Ball jar full of Godiva chocolates. :-D Shortly before that, Stoney and I ironed out the details for the musical. We now have an opening date.

It’s a bit different this year (no Friday opening night, but rather a Saturday matinee, Saturday night, and Sunday matinee performance), but we’re fine with it. It’s going to work. And I got my awesome, top-drawer pit players, which makes me happy. Fiddler will be a fun show to put together.

I hope. But if not, I have extra chocolate — at least for now. Pace yourself, Finky. Pace yourself. Two a day. 

6 thoughts on “And then, this.

  1. Mavis

    Happy that things are coming together, Bird! So sorry to hear about budget cuts, though. :-(

    “Fiddler”, like all the other shows, is going to be fabulous! And what a thoughtful gift of chocolates! You’re worth every one, honey.

    Keep looking forward to the “Odyssey”!!!

  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Agreed on all fronts, fiends! And Lori, I know you have a special affinity for the Tevye role. :-)


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