Another awesome start

Remember the first awesome start? The one that happened the day we left on the National Parks Odyssey? Yeah, it’s that again. Only this time, I’ve avoided an ER visit. So far.

When I got up at 12:30 this morning, not quite to the “crawling around on the floor to try to escape the pain” stage, I thought I’d research home remedies on kidney stones. I quickly found one that didn’t make me want to barf up everything from the past two days: hot lemonade and ibuprofen. Furreal! Lemonade. I love lemonade, hot and cold, and I just happened to have an almost-full bottle of ReaLemon in the fridge. Have you heard of this remedy? I was initially skeptical, but felt it was either A) try this, or B) wake up the Thriller and get in the car. I didn’t want B.

Several sites I researched recommended lemonade mixed with olive oil. Thanks, but I believe the point is to hold the cure in one’s stomach long enough for it to do some good, and that ain’t happenin’ with olive or any other kind of oil. I will not drink olive oil. I didn’t have any anyway, so…  I read that lemons have the highest concentration of citrate — the stuff that erodes kidney stones — of any fruit. I saw on some forums that people experienced significant relief from their pain by flushing their kidneys with strong lemonade, and ibuprofen on the side. I must admit, it sounded too good to be true.

And then it came true. I was actually able to go back to bed at 2:45 and rest/sleep until 5:00. Success!

I’ve made a somewhat controversial decision to go to school anyway today. [Controversial only because it’s 20 minutes in any direction to the nearest hospital if all the wheels fall off.] But I’m taking my lemonade with me and I have every intention of it helping me get through today, and tonight’s rehearsal.

And I’m extra-happy because a home remedy actually worked for me. I mean, I know I’m probably not out of the woods yet, but people get rid of these things at home all the time, without lying in a hospital bed with an IV stuck in their arm. I can do this. Thanks for any and all positive energy and thoughts, though. Ready, steady…………….


7 thoughts on “Another awesome start

  1. Mavis

    OH NO! Not again!!! Poor dear. :-( I sure hope the lemonade/ibuprofen does the trick! Please keep me informed on what’s happening – or what’s “not” happening! I’ll be sending prayers up for you, sweetie. You’re mighty brave to be going to the school house today! Love you!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey sis! Yeah, great night, eh? I’m better today — the lemonade seems to be working. Love you! I’ll mail ya here in a bit.

  2. RD

    I’m just getting caught up with your blog. I fell behind while we were traveling. I’m glad to read that the home remedy worked to give you relief, and I hope it contiues to work. With everything else going on with you, you don’t need this. May it pass, sooner rather than later.


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