Another good weekend

If only they’d last, ja?

Last night was another evening of fun at the farm. Two new goats were born on Wednesday, and the Thriller and I took the Js to see them. Of course, Farmers Bob and Kay were great hosts and let the boys not only feed, but actually choose the names for the new babies. How cool is that, really. :-)

Dinnertime for Gizmo

Dinnertime for Gizmo

Jake thought of the name “Mina” for the girl, and they chose “Gizmo” for the boy (with Grandpa Thriller’s input). We had a laugh because all of the Thistlefink animals have Slovenian names. “Mina” was good (how did a 5-year-old come up with that all by himself?), but “Gizmo?” Kay had to think about that one for a minute, haha. But it seemed to fit the little guy, so I think it stuck. Fun times.

They ran with goats and chickens, checked the hen house for eggs with Bob, ate homemade raspberry sorbet, chugged ice-cold goat’s milk like it was their job, came home and played cars & trucks, took a bath, stayed up too late, then crashed. It was a fantastic evening.

Today is filled with traveling and chores and errands, not the least of which is buying groceries, as Mother Hubbard’s cupboard is close to bare nekkid, save the greens and eggs we picked up at the farm last night. Tomorrow is the band concert, then back to work.

Have I mentioned I have 14 days of school left? I don’t think so. Countin’ ’em up, fiends.

Happy Saturnday!

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    1. Rat Fink Post author

      It was a great time! They loved it, and I too am glad they have this opportunity. I never really had the chance to do that at their age.


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