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So this morning, BFF Kay, her husband Bob, and their son Aaron came over for breakfast and gifts. It was a great time.

Not surprisingly, three of us gave/got books for Christmas. We all love it. Mine was especially fantastic!

The cover alone sparks interest. The subtitle of the book is What Your Teachers Never Told You About Famous Novelists, Poets and Playwrights. That alone’s enough to get me reading. As a writer, I am keenly interested in what makes/made other writers tick. This collection apparently answers the burning questions:

Was Kafka a nudist perv?

What happens when poets attack?

What’s up with Arthur Conan Doyle and his belief that if you looked hard enough, you could see fairies?

I’ve got some great reading material for the drive to Detroit tomorrow, as well as some startling revelations to share in future blog posts. Thank you, Kay and Bob!

I hope everyone’s having a wonderful holiday. Happy Christmas Eve to all my fiends.

Fink, smelling the delectable Christmas stew cooking

3 thoughts on “Awesome read

  1. Jessica

    A little late on the uptake, but a lot of geniuses are weird. I discovered Cole Porter, Oscar Wilde (you’ll have to let me know what that book says about him…and if the name “Traquair” comes up), Hemingway on my own (when I think of him, I think of three things: women, cats, and alcohol). Maybe we’re not used to seeing brilliance in the strange ways they use it off-paper or off-stage, maybe their arts drove them crazy, or maybe everyone is weird and we notice it more because great artists can’t help being in the spotlight. It’s worth pondering. I love this stuff.


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