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I’m not one to poo-poo the likes and dislikes of others — although the favor is not often returned, if you know what I mean. Case in point: my love for the Browns and dislike of the Ohio State Buckeyes. People give me grief about it alla time. Do I give other people the evil eye because they like the St*****s or the Vikings? No. To each his/her own, and I’m happy that the world is a diverse playground. After all, if there were no Pittsburgh team, to whom would the Browns customarily lose in historic rivalry games? I mean, come on.


There is something that is so baffling to me — so utterly incomprehensible on a positively cellular level — there are almost no words for it.


I speak about caviar. Fish ovum, scooped out of the sturgeon’s girly parts. *blink*

I guess slimy can be tasty.


They also do it to salmon:

Just not feelin it.

I’m sure there are Finkites who will say, “Hey, I like caviar,” or “Your taste is archaic,” or “Just like coffee, it’s an acquired taste.” That’s all fine. I mean, people in, say, India, might think that anyone who eats marshmallow creme (Yay for Fluff!) is a couple of rupees short. I don’t mind. But I still can’t process the caviar thing. Same goes for bird soup (although I eat chicken soup — I guess it’s the visible beaks in the broth that trip the creepy meter) and chicken heads.

I should probably be a vegetarian, but I think that actually liking vegetables is a prerequisite. Snap.

Hey, speaking of food…Mavis and Hannah are coming over today for some dandy Christmas baking fun. There’s something I can wrap my taste buds around! Then Kay and I are going to see Jim Carrey’s A Christmas Carol. Has anyone seen it yet?


Caviar photos:

7 thoughts on “Baffling.

  1. BoomR

    First of all, belated CONGRATS on getting the paper done, graded, and passed!! Woo-hoo!! Now PLEASE enjoy yourself in all your spare time (at least for 5 minutes, ok??).

    I’m with you on the eggs-on-a-cracker thing… blech. And speaking of sports teams, the Cavs were once again on the big screen at Chamberlain’s this past Friday night. I was thinking how dandy it would be to have y’all sitting at the piano eating a big juicy steak & watching the Cavs as I serenade you with my rendition of Black Eyed Peas, “My Humps” or “My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To the Yard,” or some other contemporary musical masterpiece :-)

  2. Stein

    I would first like to say that the loyalties to pro sports are merely from those that root for laundry. College sports are about passion, professional sports are about money. I like the Browns, but there’s something about the fanatacism of college sports. At any rate, caviar is vile. I ate it once on a cruise. It tastes like little eyeballs covered in a sauce derived from robatussin.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey friend – I know a lot of people a lot older and who’ve followed professional sports for a long time who’d argue with part of your comments. The part I take issue with is “rooting for laundry,” but not how you might think.

      Loyalty to a team (even a professional one) transcends individuals, so the “rooting for laundry” in that sense is a loyalty to a locale, a tradition, a sports institution. Players come and go, but I’ll always be a Browns fan. Let the post-adolescents have their wild and crazy college games, and God bless their grown-up fans. I’m just not one of them. I don’t think liking pro sports better than college ball makes me shallow.

      Liking caviar would make me shallow.

  3. RD

    I’m with you on the caviar. Tried it once, and it will never happen again. It tasted gaggilly awful. Why would I pay that much money for something that is so repulsive?


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