Bar Harbor

Yikes, what a day yesterday. We’re both stiff as old ironing boards, but it was great fun. A view from 1500 feet up, blue skies, manageable temperatures (high 70s), excellent shopping…a good day.

Friday was a Bar Harbor sandwich; we started by walking the town, then went into Acadia National Park and took the Park Loop Road tour, which requires you to park, get out, walk, climb, photograph amazing natural wonders, get back into the car, repeat.

Just when you think you’ve seen the most beautiful vista, you drive up on another one. Of all the National Parks we’ve toured in the past few years, this one ranks in the top three for beauty.

So after hiking around the entire top of Cadillac Mountain, we came back to Bar Harbor and fed my shopping monster. Loved it.

By dinner time, we were both wrung out again. So we decided to take a leisurely drive back to the hotel, stopping along the way at whatever place grabbed our fancy. We hit lots of independent gift shops and mom-and-pop shops along the 40-some miles of  Highway 1 between Bar Harbor and Bangor.

Some delicious strawberries from a roadside stand — right from the field, sprayed with nothing except sunshine and rain — served as a fine dessert after a chicken dinner (it was, after all, National Fried Chicken Day yesterday).

So today, we begin the trek westward, and we’re both starting to think about home. After coffee, it’s the scenic routes all the way to Mount Washington. Yay, more climbing! :P

I think it’s Saturday, yes? Have a great weekend, fiends. I’ll check in with you tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Bar Harbor

  1. Mavis

    What beautiful scenery! My kind of place to live. Even the strawberry stand is lovely! You two are sure getting your workouts on this trek. :-) Enjoy this day!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks luv! We’re not quite sure about today…if the rain is really bad, won’t climb Mt. Washington. I hope the monsoons hold off!

      Right now, we’re driving through rural Maine. Funny how rednecks are everywhere…it’s not just at home. HA

  2. RD

    I was in Maine for one day in 1968. I remember huge logs floating down a river on their way to the sawmill. We tent camped for the night along that river, but I have no recollection of the name of the river or the camping area. With your beautiful pictures and descriptions, you’ve peaked my interest in seeing Maine specifically and all of New England in a more thorough way. Thanks for sharing your delightful experiences with us. I’m glad you’re having more pleasant temps that we are. From all the hiking you’ve done, you two will be in excellent physical condition when you return home.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey, I’m glad your wanderer switch is flipping! There is so much beauty in this country, truly. And it’s not very far away or expensive to get there. I hope you guys can take off on your own Odyssey and update us along the way.

      Oh, and the “excellent physical condition” thing is pretty much canceled out by the “Dunkin’ Donuts stop” thing. LOL

  3. Tom Hanks

    That does look beautiful…and top 3 is a high ranking after all the places you went to on the last trip.

    I believe Mount Washington is part of the presidential range (name seems to fit). When George walked the third or so of the Appalachian Trail that he did he said those were his favorite, having started in Maine and making it down to wherever he ended up. I think the trail goes over Mount Washington at some point.

      1. Rat Fink Post author

        Hey, I’d forgotten all about Jorge doing that trek. People definitely do hike Mt. Washington. Of course, I’d never do it! Mt. Washington is part of the White Mountain range, and boy is it ever gorgeous.

        Did you see my FB comment? I hope the movie is still at the cinema when I get back…

        1. Tom Hanks

          Ohhh I was confused about the white mountain/presidential range deal. I know Jorg went to that one though now that I ponder on it.

          We are way on for that movie. I got your facebook post…luckily I speak finkinese. I checked it out and its going to be showing for awhile so I think we’ll be good!


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