Belated birthday wishes

I’m terribly late on these birthday greetings. Whose birthday was it?


On 22 February, 2008, Rockin’ the Bourgeoisie was hatched. And now look at me. All six years old ‘n stuff. Six years, 1,777 posts and 9,768 comments later, and we’re still goin’ at it.

I know I haven’t been faithful to my writing lately. I’m not sure why that’s the case, either. It’s certainly not for lack of writing love; I have that in spades. However, it seems that I’ve pushed my writing back further and further as of late, in favor of an extra 25 minutes of sleep in the mornings. Not working. I’m still up at 4:30, but doing other things instead.

Well, as Dr. Switzer would say…

But enough of that negativity — I’m always on the lookout for a reason to party, and this is as good as any. So, let’s see here…what shall we do today? Write rhythm section parts? Finish that chart on “Happy” that I started a couple nights ago? Now that sounds like a righteous hoot, lemmetellya. Ready, steady, here we go.


Happy weekend, fiends! Stay outta the snow.

5 thoughts on “Belated birthday wishes

  1. Mavis

    Happy “be-late” Birthday, Birdie! I’m so glad that you’re still writing. I usually read the blog with a cup of java. Starts my day.

    Negative things crop up on us all, hon. I envy, though, your way of finding something good and making lemonade out of lemons. You’re awesome. Now STOP IT! That is all.

  2. David

    I am likely your newest devotee to RtB, but you know I am a decades old fan, friend and advocate of you Ms Fink. That said…

    You have become a morning mainstay for me; as an early morning person (usually 5 am everyday) RtB is my first morning read…cup of coffee and RtB the perfect combo on the deck watching the sun crest the mountains. So…whenever I get to read the musings of Ms Fink it is a blessed day! You, frankly are marvelous…as time allows and permits keep up the great work!

    Peace….to you!

  3. Rat Fink Post author

    Aw, you guys are the beast! :-D Good to know that you still read me. I have plenty to say, but not always the time and ambition to log in and say it.

    There’s gotta be a speech-to-text WordPress app out there somewheres…now that’s an idea!

    Seriously though — I look at my stats every day, and I know people are reading. Even if they don’t comment (and believe me, I’m happy that you guys do — it gives me a great thrill), I’m delighted they still might be interested in my occasional drivel.

    Many bloggers say, “I write for me, and no one else.” Well I’m not sure they’re being entirely honest. If you write for yourself only, keep a journal (I know several who do this). Me? I write for the interaction on a specific subject. I write for others. I write for you! Many hugs this snowy Sunday.

  4. Suzanne

    A belated Happy Finkday from me! I hope that you are surviving the horrific winter OK. Here we are looking at almost time to mow the grass. *haaaaa ducking to avoid little teeny tiny shoes that are being flung my way*


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