smilyratYes, I am doing OK. I believe the sun has come up and I am no longer fearful of barfing all over my truck. Not quite back to eating cheese yet, but the Rat is improving. Again, thank you to all who sent kind emails — I am taking Friday night to write you back and finish boring you to death.


Actually, I was fearful about getting through my tap rehearsal last night, but it was fun. I was also worried about so many tap “rookies” in my cast of 18, but I needn’t have bothered; they’re all going to do fine — even the two who were sick and not able to be there (and with what’s going around at my school, I’m surprised anyone was there).

I really did enjoy reading your opinions yesterday about the Phelps thing. Very interesting indeed. I’ll have to do that again sometime.

Aww…my boys will remember Candy Land, the board game. We played it all the time. Did you know they’re making a movie of it?

So, what are everyone’s plans for the weekend? I’ll start:

  1. Get back on the horse with reading and studying.
  2. Study.
  3. Call Lisa in Boston and beg her for more help.
  4. Check up on Todd, my other study buddy, and see if he’s still alive.
  5. Study.
  6. Study.
  7. Wish that Mad Men was on.
  8. Study.

Time for my scrambled egg. Priorities, you know.

Fink out.

One thought on “Better

  1. Stein

    If you’re into actionish shows that include a little bit of the unexplainable, try Life On Mars. I haven’t been able to watch primetime television since high school, but I’m hooked on this show. It’s not on over weekends, but it was on last night and you can even watch online.


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