Blessings and curses

Blessing: school is canceled today because of flooding, high winds, icy roads. I have time to grade 23 more Kent assignments.

Curse: We may not be able to have rehearsal tonight. I shall have to post spies in the area to tell me if road conditions improve, as the big boss has said that I can go ahead with it if things get better.

How has Sandy affected you? Anything out your way?

7 thoughts on “Blessings and curses

  1. Suzanne

    Good morning! I just saw that Sandusky’s schools were closed so I came to see if yours were, too. I am sure you will have a productive day. :)

    The only effect Sandy has had on me is lots of rain and wind forcing me to stay in and drink coffee. :-)P

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I did have a productive day (so far!). I would have much rather sat around and drank coffee with you, tho!!

  2. RD

    Thinking of you a lot during production week and now with the complications caused by the weather. We’ve had the TV on a news channel this a.m. and the devestation on the East Coast is massive. Sure praying for all of those people. How’s teaching the online course going? How many students?

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Isn’t it terrible? Ugh. Feel so bad for those people. Atlantic City — mostly the Boardwalk — looks nothing like it did when we were there.

      I like the Kent course! The people are nice, and smart too. I have 16 students right now — that’s a lotta papers to grade! Hope you’re doing well!

  3. Skylar

    All classes before four p.m. were canceled for us today just before it stopped raining, became somewhat sunny, and the wind calmed down.


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