There’s snow question that blizzard missed us. :P

We were supposed to get 6 inches, and got what…half an inch? I guess it was pretty bad south of here, but the storm definitely passed us by.

Truth be told, I don’t like closings and delays during rehearsal runs (unless the closing happens on a Friday — then I’m all yay). No schools delayed or closed in the area — yet. Strange that the local university and seminary are both closed; maybe it’s because of the faculty having to drive in from down south. Just got back in from letting the dog out, and it’s not “cold” at all. Good. And I just checked the weather at school (22 miles northwest of here), and it’s already 36 degrees. No white-knuckle driving this morning. PTL.

Still, it’s Wednesday and time to get ready to go shape young voices — all day and all evening. :-D Have a good one, fiends — this is likely the last snow of the season, which means spring is on the way!

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