Brief, but wonderful

Here’s what happened, OK? ;-)

Daddy :-)

Daddy :-)

The construction congestion gods all got together and said Wouldn’t it be funny if….? The entire 11-hour drive was accompanied by orange barrels, I kid you not. But the reward for our struggles was sweet.

While it was not nearly long enough, we had a fantastic dinner and visit with Daddy & Kathy in Fulton, Mississippi (a quiet little town about 20 miles from Tupelo). We talked about music and family and work, then about music again. We even talked about planning a family reunion for Daddy’s side, which would be out of this world. Mavis and Kathy — the organized brains of the outfit — will need to get on the planning, and just give Daddy and me jobs to do. It might be outrageously fun, this reunion…

The single downside of the drive down here was its length, which honestly just wore the Thriller and me clean out. It probably didn’t help that I decided to wait until the last minute to clean my entire house before we left, but by the time we hit the Mississippi line, my spine was barkin’. We pretty much decided that our all-day-long driving sessions were over. We plan to split up the drive on the way back north.

Still, everything was worth it to see these great people. Can’t wait till the next time.

Today, it’s off to rainy, stormy, hot Biloxi. We hope to get a guided tour in before the craziness starts, but we’re playing it by ear. No pressure today, and the five-hour drive will be totally bearable. See you tomorrow, fiends. Thanks for following along.

3 thoughts on “Brief, but wonderful

  1. Mavis

    I LOVE that picture of you and Daddy!!! I’m so tickled that your time with them was so sweet. A reunion for Daddy’s side?! That’s a fantastic idea!!! I’m on board, for sure. I agree that you and Thriller should break up the travel time coming home. No more barking backs!

    We’re having a wonderful time of our own! Pax and Remy are a blast! Cooking in my small kitchen with both on my kitchen floor, has been a challenge, but we work around each other. :-)

    Hope you get your tour in today before it rains! Here in A-town – 85 and sunny all day!

  2. David

    Great, great pic of you and your Pops!

    Sorry you hit the construction zone bonanza on the way down. As one who simply loves road trips, I have found that I enjoy them more, see lots more on then since I instituted an “eight hour max” drive time. No more 17 hour marathons “to get there!”
    Safe travels to you both! I hope the weather and the road cooperates for you the entire remaining ways there and home.
    Peace Ms Finkster!

  3. Rat Fink Post author

    Thanks guys! It was great fun, although the drive did about wear me out. Agreed, Dave — no more marathon roadies!. And Mave, I’m glad the boys are still behaving (even though the Velcro thing can get a little dangerous in a small kitchen). I’m forever reminding people, “Don’t back up; Pax is right behind you.” hahaha


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