Ah, the ghostie shows again. Their utterly hideous line deliveries make television’s worst actor, David Caruso, look positively Shakespearean.

Last night, as the Thriller watched one of these “SyFy” (synonymous with horrendously bad screenwriting and acting — and if you think ghostie shows aren’t totally scripted and craftily edited, you’re mistaken) gems, I transcribed what I heard. Brilliant stuff. Behold…

(Spoken with infernal, nonstop banging sound in the background)

“Hey, what was that?”

“Something just went FOOoOOOoOo!”

I heard something behind me, bro.”

“Don’t show fear!”

“I just saw a shadow.”

“I saw a mist grab Nick’s leg!”

“Smell this. We are smelling sulfur, which is a bad thing.”

“It’s pandemonium right now.”

“I got eyeball pain really bad.”

(Calling out) “How many spirits are here with me right now?”

“Dude, that’s not good.”

Next: the country’s only haunted tattoo parlor. I cannot wait. Heh heh. Makes me laff. Maybe that’s the reaction they’re looking for.

Ghostie shows: closet comedy. Kind of like Pat Robertson’s recent boneheaded comments.


6 thoughts on “BTTH VIII

  1. RD

    Pat Robertson’s boneheaded comments were equally matched by Danny Glover’s boneheaded comments blaming the earthquake in Haiti on global warming. Maybe both of them should be on SyFy.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Heh. I didn’t hear the Danny comments. I woulda smoked him, too. I’m equal-opportunity. I hate ALL politico-religious-zealot hatemongers, no matter what side they’re on, or what ideology they profess.

  2. BoomR

    I love the way David Caruso always has to talk to someone either with his back to them, or squaring off perpendicular to them & looking over his shoulder in their direction. DRAAAAA-MAH indeed!


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